How to Upgrade Any Bathroom without Breaking the Bank


I love being pampered (who doesn’t?!) but like most people, I can’t afford the daily trips to the spa that I crave *sigh*.  I decided that since I can’t always go to the spa, the only other option is to bring the spa to me!

There are SO many ways to enhance your bathroom depending on your budget.  For those with a “petite” budget, there are slight, subtle changes that can make your day-to-day activities a little more lavish; for those with heftier budgets, you can take extreme measures in order to make your bathroom feel like the luxurious 5-star resort you wish you lived at.

As I previously mentioned, despite my “wants”, I can’t afford daily spa trips, so one would be safe in assuming I don’t have a huge budget for my bathroom-to-spa transition, either.  Therefore, let’s start with the changes that will get the most “bang for your buck”.

One of my guilty pleasures, and quite possibly the easiest change: BATH BOMBS.  I absolutely LOVE throwing a luscious bath bomb in to a nice hot bathtub – they change the “feel” of the water (fizzy, bubbly and essential oils, OH MY!), give off beautiful scents, and turn the water a fun color (not necessary, just cool!)  There are so many variations of bath bombs, from fun and fruity to sophisticated and rich – you can make your new spa feel any way you’d like.


Another thing I’ve grown to love is stepping out of my rejuvenated bath on to a super soft and cushy bathmat (versus a towel – which, let’s be honest, isn’t very glamorous…) and wrapping myself in a towel that DOESN’T feel like wet sandpaper.  Home Dynamix’s Ultimate Luxury Bath mats and Micro Lush collection towels are my favorite. The Ultimate Luxury collection features an ultra-thick memory foam mat wrapped up in super soft and absorbent micro-fiber and backed with non-skid latex.  The Micro Lush towel collection features 100% cotton towels woven into different patterns making them the softest, most absorbent and most durable towels EVER.  If you’re really lucky, you can match your towels and bath mats (and everything else in your bathroom like me because I’m obsessed with matching EVERYTHING.)

Unfortunately, as awesome as baths are, they aren’t always convenient – so I give you an alternative to bath bombs, new shower heads!  Changing your shower head can VASTLY improve your shower experience with different settings like mist, rain shower, massage, etc.  With a simple turn of a dial you can alter your shower experience.

Towel Test 4

Now for the things I wish I could do but can’t afford: a new whirlpool tub (WITH a built-in pillow, of course), a bench in my new jet-lined stand-up shower, his-and-her sinks, and HEATED FLOORS (because there are few things I dislike more than stepping out of a steamy shower and on to a cold hard floor.)

Refreshing your bathroom can refresh your whole life – so go a little crazy with your remodel and enjoy it!

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