Of all the rooms in the house, the bedroom is where we spend the most time; it’s where we sleep, where we get dressed and ready for the day, where we go when we feel under the weather and where we go to unwind.  With all that time spent there, why not indulge a little in your bedroom décor?  When re-doing a bedroom, you can go big and change everything (right down to the furniture), or you can make smaller changes that make a big impact!

Hands-down the most important item in your bedroom is your mattress (yes, I know this isn’t décor, but it needs to be addressed!); it’s where the day begins and ends, and partially determines the quality of sleep you get.  Since your mattress is such a huge part of your life, you should definitely indulge in this purchase.  Springs, memory foam, hard, soft, adjustable, etc. are just some of the options to take in to consideration, so get your shoes on, because mattresses are something you can’t purchase online (or over the phone) without going to a showroom and feeling it first!

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While we’re on the subject of beds, the easiest way to seriously upgrade your bed is with new bedding!  My first realization that I was getting old(er) was when I anxiously awaited the delivery of a new bed set – and I had no shame in my excitement when it finally got delivered.  Home Dynamix has an array of different sheet sets that fit any and every style; from solids to prints, every bed size, and the softest cotton threading, these sheets make the perfect companion for that new mattress.  Of course, you need something to top those new sheets with… Home Dynamix Classic Trends Comforter Set features soft microfiber in various patterns while SoHome Duvet Covers offer oversized, 100% cotton sets in classic designs.

Next on the agenda is flooring, because when you step out of your heavenly bed, you want to be greeted with an equally heavenly floor.  No matter what kind of flooring you have in your room (wall-to-wall carpeting, hard wood, tile, etc.) you can always add an area rug or an accent rug at the foot of your bed which adds decoration and gives you a soft landing first thing in the morning.  Home Dynamix has a great selection of these soft rugs in various sizes such as the Lafayette accent rug or the Arctic accent rug and the Montage and New York area rugs.

Looking for another easy upgrade?  Sprucing up your bedroom walls can have a huge impact on your happiness.  If you like what you see, you’re more likely to be happy – it really is as simple as that.  Mirrors can make a room feel bigger, while art can make it feel homier.  Chose what best reflects your style and get busy!

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