Every whiff triggers a direct response linked to our emotional center of the brain. That’s why scents can truly affect our mood, relating to past experiences and emotional memories. Different scents for your home can create a different atmosphere in any room, and evoke different emotions like relaxation or joy.
Use our favorite scents guide to learn about the benefits of each one!


When was the last time you visited a citrus grove? Do you remember how it smells? The bright and fresh fragrance of lemon, lime and orange have a calming effect, they help reduce stress and anxiety as well as benefit digestion and nausea. The citrus scent would work well in your kitchen, as it eliminates cooking odors.


Oh, the wonders of lavender! This terrific scent promotes sleep and relaxation almost instantly, helping to treat insomnia and ease sleeping problems. Try lavender in your bedroom to enjoy the calming effects of this soothing plant.


Boost your concentration with the scent of peppermint. This perky fragrance helps you stay focused and alert, as well as increase motivation. Use peppermint in your home office to boost your performance!


Although sweet scents aren’t for everyone, a sniff of vanilla can elevate your mood. Big rooms can manage sweet sense, therefore your living room would be the ideal space for this joyful scent. It sets a comfortable atmosphere, just perfect for your guests!



When you think about pine trees, the first thing that comes to mind is fresh air. That’s why this crisp scent would work well in your bathroom. So refreshing, it is often associated with cleanliness.

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