Cozy Shag Area Rugs

Create a calm and relaxing mood in your home with the Woodhaven shag rugs by Home Dynamix. With their minimalist appearances and delicate luster, they will bring wonderful simplicity into any room in your home and will set a positive tone for the entire space. The solid, neutral shade will blend in seamlessly with any color scheme, while the soft texture will add comfort and coziness. With their shag rug cut pile, they offer wonderful texture that feels so soft to the touch and underfoot, making it perfect for digging your feet into it or lounging around. Easily create a warm and cozy space you will love spending time in. These fantastic shaggy rugs are very easy to clean and care for, as it naturally minimizes the effects of stains, footsteps and fading of colors, ensuring you will enjoy its beauty and comfort for years to come. Enhanced with durable jute canvas backing for long lasting shape and beauty.