When I re-decorate my home, I usually start with the living room as it’s the main showcase of the house. This is where we communicate and interact with family and friends, and where we bond with each other. That’s why it’s so important to enhance the beauty of it and set a positive tone. Choosing the right design elements can really change the atmosphere and make your living room more inviting.

So, where to begin?

Step 1: Get rid of the furniture you don’t like. We tend to hold onto stuff, even if it’s broken, damaged, outdated or just doesn’t fit anymore. If it has sentimental value to you, you can give it a new twist or simply place it somewhere else. But you must get rid of unwanted items, to make room for what you really love. Maybe it will make it easier if you donate those items or host a yard sale.

Step 2: Get inspired. Now that your space is free of stuff you don’t like, you can start turning it into a place you would love spending time in. Take the time to check out blogs, Pinterest boards, and magazines that inspire you to find your ideal style and get some ideas. Once you can visualize the living room you want, it will be much easier to achieve.

Step 3: Pick a color scheme. Decorating with color creates visual harmony, and it sets the room’s mood. That’s why it’s so important to choose colors that fit you. Keep in mind that colors can affect the way you feel: blue and green are calming, while red, yellow and orange are energizing, and neutral colors are relaxing. If you already have an item that you love, you can select a palette based on the main colors of it.

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Step 4: Give the living room a good flow. One of the best ways to do that is to choose items that share some elements in common, like color, shape or finish, without matching exactly. It’s also recommended to vary the shapes by balancing the number of squarish items and softer, rounded pieces.

Step 5: Find the perfect area rug. Nothing can set a room’s tone quite like an area rug, that’s why it is so important to choose the right one to enhance your living room’s beauty. Before you purchase an area rug, think about how it would complement your existing décor and complete the space. Are you looking to add a soft, cozy touch to your living room? Maybe sprinkle some color? Another important thing to consider is the size. Ideally, all furniture should be sitting on top of the area rug.

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Just remember that there is no right or wrong in decorating your living room. Try to have fun with it and try different styles until you find the one that feels right for you.

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