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Capture  DwellStudio, Home Dynamix Launch Licensed Brands

“We’re constantly exploring new and innovative ways to introduce key fashion and design trends into our product line, and our partnership with Elle Décor provides the ideal way to do just that,” said Yuval Evar, senior vice president of Home Dynamix. “The Elle Décor brand is a widely recognized name in fashion and home décor and their focus on creating products that are accessible to all is exactly what we stand for at Home Dynamix. Read More


Home Dynamix Inks License with ELLE DECOR

Home Dynamix is adding French fashion sensibilities to its scatter rug and mat lines via a new partnership with ELLE DÉCOR. The collection launches this season with three styles. Brushstrokes comprises indoor/outdoor mats made of Textiline for resistance to fading, staining and mildew. The Lafayette shag accent rugs and mats are solid-colored and…. Read More

 Capture Home Dynamix Knows Comfort for Chefs ‘Mat’-ters

Here’s a gift idea that can work for you as well as it does for the recipient: an anti-fatigue kitchen mat. If the person who does a good chunk of your cooking is comfortable while doing it, chances are good you benefit as well. Home Dynamix has great names for their lines of chef mats: Calm Chef, Cushy Comfort, Designer Chef, Relaxed Chef, Soothing Chef. Read More.

 Capture Home Dynamix Inks License with ELLE DECOR

Elle Décor is a French fashion magazine that launched in 1987 and has expanded into a lifestyle brand across multiple categories, including home.Founded here more than 30 years ago, Home Dynamix offers a broad range of home textiles – including rugs and mats as well as bedding, bath, kitchen textiles and pet products among others.Elle Décor represents Home Dynamix’s latest brand addition. Others include Daisy Fuentes, Laura Hill David Burke, Whisk, RJ Raizk, Sohome and Comfy Pooch. Read More.

 Capture Make Your Home Dazzle

We are getting so ready for the holiday, and that includes redoing bedroom. Been searching for the perfect bedding that brings everything together.  And I found it in home Dynamix’s functional and stylish offerings that are sure to add to any house’s décor. This year, Home Dynamix is offering an array of festive welcome mats, pictured below, that will bring the holiday cheer to your home! Read More

 Capture Holiday Gift Guide 2016 Best Gifts of 2016

It’s that time of year that we have to start thinking about what gifts we will buy for our loved ones.  Close to Home is helping you out once again and sharing some of the hot holiday gift items for 2016.  We are focusing on great gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for teens and tweens, gifts for pets and gifts for cooks this year.  With direct links to  purchase most of these items online, I hope you can get all your shopping needs done easily. Read More.

 1 Change Your Rug Change Your Room

Our living room was a complete eye sore from the second we stepped into the space with our realtor.  It was a sad, dark, lonely space.  A room without flooring, dark brown painted trim and a red couch pushed off to the corner to give off a “this is a livable room” vibe.  Except, it was everything but livable. Read More

 3 Add a Rug for an Easy Room Update

Over the summer we updated all of the flooring downstairs.  We went from half carpet and half cheap laminate (installed by the previous owner), to beautiful wood tile. Not only were we finally free of the dingy carpet, but also from thresholds, seams, and all other divisive barriers that broke up the fluidity of the space.   Read More

 homestead Switching Out The Rug: The First Step To Big Changes

Tell me, what room in your house is where most of the living takes place?  For us, it would have to be the living room.  The room is our living room, game room, lego room, TV room, and play room all rolled into one.  Even though the room is closed off in true old home style, it has a lot of positive qualities.   Read More

 UJ Join the Journey

One of the things I loved most about our home when we did our walk through was the large warm living room complete with built-ins! I immediately fell in love with the space and could see years of parties, gatherings, and just TV watching. Read More

 Capture Finding Peace in the Transition 

Our house is a disaster zone right now. I know that’s something people often say when they have too many unwashed dishes or dirty laundry or whatever, but I really mean it. We’re continuing with our renovations now that I’m no longer perpetually nauseous from all the pregnancy hormones. Baby number four is due to arrive anywhere between three and six weeks from now. We’re told he’ll probably show up early due to some of the complications we’ve been dealing with this time around, so we’re scrambling to get ALL of the things done. Read More.

 Capture  Change Your Rug Change Your Room

Our lives are so up in the air right now, King’s whole world has been turned upside down, his normalcy is gone, and a new adventure has begun. Our new adventure has been an adventure for all of us, but one thing that I strive my best to keep the same is playing with King through the chaos of this nine months of building our home. I wanted the snuggles, loves, playing, and adventuring together to stay the same, to let that be his light through all the craziness for him. Read More. 

 Capture Budget Home Decor Tip

Looking for a way to update a room without spending a ton of money? You’ll love this budget home decor tip to change your rug for a fun updated look that doesn’t break the bank. We’ve been living in our house for a year now, and the house still isn’t completely decorated. We are slowly working on it, but home decor can be expensive. We are so close to paying off Tom’s student loan debt that we can’t justify a complete redecoration right now. Read More.

 Capture Dining Room Rug

Our little dining room has long been the neglected area in our home. In fact, we didn’t even have curtains in there until this year (and we’ve been here for four years!). We’ve been so focused on the rest of the house, getting kid’s bedrooms organized, creating a relaxing master, that we’ve forgotten all about the dining room. But the dining room is finally having her glory day in the hot sun (comment Nacho if you get the reference) here at Casa de Sosa and she’s been given her crowning jewel: a rug. Read More.

 Capture  5 Tips for Redoing a Bedroom on a Budget

Our kiddos share a room so that we can use our 3rd bedroom as a dedicated guest room. It’s important to us that family and friends have a cozy place to sleep in our home. (Read: Nana needs a dedicated bedroom to ensure she will come back again and again and help me with the kiddos!) Also fair to note, I love that I can count on one room in our house to be clean. Because lemme tell ya, ever since sweet Mila came along, every other room in our house is a wreck. Long story short, I teamed up with to get a new rug for this space. Read More.

 Capture  Rug Update

Way back in August I had the pleasure of welcoming Better Homes and Gardens (you can read all about that, here.) into my home for a photo shoot. The rug I had in my living room was too busy for the photo so they rolled mine up and laid out a new gorgeous option. This was my original rug. Pretty, right? Goes great with the colors in the room. But it just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. Read More.

 Capture  New Rug, New Studio

My friends over at Wayfair wanted to share how simply changing a rug could change a room, and I couldn’t wait to jump in and share my home studio and it’s NEW Wayfair Rug!  I should start by telling you that I purchased a flat weave striped rug from Wayfair many years ago that has been with me through two kids, three puppies, and countless craft projects until one day I realized that it’s time in our home had come and gone. Read More.

 12  Rug Makes A Room

Hey Everyone!  As you know, we’ve been working for the past several (more than that?!) months on finishing our basement.  And I’m so excited that we’re actually getting so so close to being done with it!  Most the trim is installed and we finished up painting last week, and so now the focus moves to flooring. And a little insight on how a Rug Makes a Room. Read More.

 Capture  Log Cabin Update 

What a year this has been. I started out sharing the steps that went into building our log cabin but as life goes, I just couldn’t keep up.  We moved into the new house in February and I’m just now getting around to hanging pictures and decorating. Read More.

 14  Bonus Room Makeover with Global Bohemian Accessories

If you have ever doubted the power of accessories, today’s room redo should make you a believer.  We recently bought a new, comfy sectional for our favorite room of the house – our bonus room.  We chose a neutral sofa color.  Immediately after delivery, I knew I had to add some pops of color to the room.  I was looking for rugs and pillows when Wayfair invited me to participate in their “change your rug, change your room” challenge — perfect timing!  Read More.

 15 Change Your Rug, Change Your Room

Can you believe an entire month has passed since we moved into our new (old) house? Friends and family alike forewarned me that once we move in, years will pass before we finally finish the renovation, let alone decorate the entire house – I say “entire” like it’s some sort of gigantic McMansion – it’s not. Read More.

 16 How to Layer Rugs to Warm Up a Space

If you have wall-to-wall carpet in most areas of your house like I do, you may have never thought about adding an area rug. I can’t begin to tell you what a difference adding a rug does to make a quick and easy change in a room. Not only does a rug warm up your room, it gives you that added layer of texture you never knew that you needed. It’s almost like the decorating secret you didn’t know about! Read More.

 17 A Chance for Change

As someone who is obsessed with interior design and home decorating, I love being a Wayfair Homemaker. In the past year, I have used Wayfair to decorate two homes of my own, one carriage house for a friend and purchased more gifts than I can count. Read More.

 18  Area Rug Brings Light to Small, Dark Space

I love my cottage home by the lake. It is a happy space for me to create, cook, and collect. There is only one thing I would change. The great room is a very dark space with only French doors to a covered lanai for natural light. I have chosen light couches to give the room a boost of light, but it didn’t work very well. You can see in the before photo below, the navy oriental rug did not help the problem. Read More.

 19 How to Easily Redesign Any Room Without Getting New Furniture

Redesigning a room doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. I always have one design rule. Find something like a rug that you can’t live without and then base your entire design off of that. It will show you what style direction you will take along with colors and texture. Sounds easy right? Well, it is! Read More.
 20  Master Bedroom Refresh with Wayfair

I am so excited to partner up with my friends at Wayfair to share a little Master Bedroom update. I have to say since we moved in almost a year ago, our Master Bedroom has been slightly neglected as I been trying to get the rest of the house put together but thanks to Wayfair and my new gorgeous rug, I feel like my bedroom is slowing coming together. Read More.