What do you get for the mother who deserves the entire world, gift-wrapped and tied with a bow, when you can barely afford your lunch?  I know I can’t be the only person who struggles with this year after year.  I mean, moms are the best!  They give us life, raise us, comfort us, clothe us, feed us and put a roof over our head.  The older I get, the more I realize just how much my mom means to me and how much she’s done for me over the years; the sacrifices she’s made and the extreme measures she’s taken to make and keep me happy – most of which had gone unnoticed at the time.  Mom, you should know, I notice all of that now and I want to make you happy and proud of the woman you’ve molded me in to.  In order to show my appreciation this Mother’s Day, I set out to find the best, affordable ways to celebrate Mom.

Every year I get the same response when I ask my mom what she wants for Mother’s Day: “nothing…” but I quickly learned that wasn’t true, what she really wanted was for someone to plan something, ANYTHING, for her.  So the first “affordable gift” on our list today is:


Brunch:  Usually viewed as “fancy” and expensive, brunch is what you make it, therefore you can go to an upscale restaurant serving up a high-class brunch OR you can find a restaurant in your price range that also offers a good brunch menu.


If your mom doesn’t like to eat everything in sight (like my Italian mother…) or you just feel as though she needs something to “open” to really be considered a gift, there are other affordable options out there:


Great Quality Bedding: After a long day of being chauffer, event planner, chef, and referee- nothing is better than falling into a bed donned with luxuriously soft, brand new sheets. It may sound really simple, but the key to making sheets a great gift is by focusing on the quality. Give mom silky soft Egyptian Cotton sheets, like our Egyptian Dynamix collection, or eco-friendly tencel sheets, like our Eucalush collection.


Spa Products:  Let mom treat herself- bubble bath and bath salt products, soft towels, like our Micro Lush collection, and cushy bathmats, like our Avila ones, make great gifts for mom as well!  Not only do they improve her everyday life (I love the gifts that keep on giving) but also give her the means for a relaxing spa-like experience.


Flowers:  There are affordable options for that as well!  First, don’t wait until the last minute to buy/order flowers for any Holiday as prices and delivery fees tend to get inflated.  Second, skip on the delivery all together and personally deliver them to her – she gets flowers AND a visit from her soon-to-be favorite kid.  Third, try using apps and websites that offer discount flowers, codes or cash back on purchases.


If you’re really struggling to keep your head above the water financially, there are also things you can do for your mom that don’t cost a cent!  Things such as: letting her sleep through the night, letting her sleep in in the morning, let her shower in peace, don’t “create” a to-do list for her (for Mother’s day OR the day after – do it all yourself!) let her read her book in peace, etc.  Small steps to ensure a relaxing day for mom can go a LOOOONG way and she’ll recognize that as a gift in itself.


I am a firm believer in the term “A for effort” and it definitely applies here – Mom’s don’t want their children to break the bank for them, they just want to be acknowledged (though I’m sure if you had the funds to send them on a lavish vacation, they wouldn’t decline…) and so as long as you make a viable attempt to give your mom a good Mother’s Day, I’m sure you’ll live to see another!


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