Comfy Pooch Collection

Comfy Pooch Crate Mat CPCM-500

Make your furry friend’s crate or kennel truly feel like a home away from home with the Comfy Pooch Crate Mat from Home Dynamix. This orthopedic dog mat has a thick egg-crate style foam insert to comfortably support your pet’s body while he rests. The enhanced cushioning of the Comfy Pooch Crate Mat is topped with a plush polyester to truly make your pet feel cozy. A non-woven dot backing keeps your mat in place, to prevent any slipping or sliding. Our Comfort Pooch Crate Mat is not only perfect for older dogs or breeds with hip and elbow dysplasia or arthritic joints, but also perfectly comfortable for all pets.

Origin: China
Material: Microfiber
Color: Brown
Backing: N/A
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