1. Keep It Cozy

Area rugs are often the perfect place for the whole family to lounge on and will transform your house into a home. They are especially comfy for the little ones, and perfect for keeping your feet off cold floors.

2. Complete Your Look

Every house needs a room, every room needs style, and all style starts with a rug. Whether you are looking to incorporate color or to tie a room together, a thoughtfully chosen area rug will provide balance to your room and help to harmonize your decor.

3. Achieve a Tailored Layout

A properly placed rug can help to create separation in a space or to frame your furniture. Use an area rug or runner to dictate where the center of your room’s focus lies or to direct the flow of traffic. The right layout will make everyone think you hired a professional stylist.

4. Inviting to Guests

Every guest that comes over will automatically feel welcomed into your home. Don’t limit the conversation to wall art; a great rug opens up as a perfect conversation piece with friends and family, setting the best ambience.

5. Slippery surfaces

Socks and hardwood floors don’t always mix. And we all have those high traffic areas where accidents happen. Put a rug down, don’t forget the non-slip mat and you’ll be good to go.

6. Protect Your Floors

Protect your polished hardwood floors from nicks, spills, and scratches by placing a rug in high traffic areas. Better yet, cover up any imperfections on your floors with a beautiful, and strategically placed rug. How do you stop your pets from scratching the floors? Cross-woven and natural fiber rugs.

7. Quiet Spaces

Keep your home quiet with a rug. A rug will help decrease vibrations and sound when someone is walking through. Are the upstairs neighbors too loud? Get them a nice new rug.

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