Having the right rug size is essential to any room. Different sizes will change each room’s feel and the right rug will accentuate the room; creating a warm, inviting atmosphere for you and your guests. Will a 7×10 be too big for your living room? Will the 3×5 be too small for your patio? There are many different sizes of rugs and the guide below will help you to visualize the best fit!

The room’s dimensions, functionality and type of furniture are the most important factors. You want to make sure that the rug you choose will fit within the style you’re creating.

How big is the room you are looking to fit the rug in? Make sure to get measurements of the room and size options before you start your search. Measure with the door swung open to make sure that it will not impede the rug. Use masking tape, sheets, even towels, anything that will help you visualize what the room will look like with this specific rug size and set up. Imagine your space, then bring it to life with the perfect rug.

Living Room

rug-size-living-roomYou can create an environment that accents your furniture by using a 5×7 area rug. Your coffee table should sit in the middle of the rug and your couches and chairs should be a few inches away from the edges.
This design will create a nice balance between rug and furniture. With this 7×10, make sure that
the front legs of your couch and chairs are on the rug. Whether the back legs are on or off, will be
your choice.


It’s all about your love for the rug with this look. You’ll completely transform the feel of the room with this 9×12 area rug, as it creates its own focal point.

Dining Room

The 5’ or 7’ round rug choice will hug your beautiful dining room set. Make sure that each piece of your dining set sits several inches within the rugs boundaries. This way you and your guests can comfortably sit at the table in style. Easily seats 4 to 6.


This 5×7 is perfect for smaller dining tables, while bringing elegance to the room. Like the round rug, leave several inches from the sides to accommodate guests while sitting. This will also prevent chairs from rocking on uneven surfaces. Easily seats 4 to 6.


Do you need a large area rug for your dining room table? If you do and you’re looking to entertain many guests, choose between a 7×10 and a 9×12. Easily seats 6 to 8.


Full: If your bed is in the center of the room, a 5×7 area rug is your best bet. Displaying the rug horizontally will allow for ample coverage on both sides and the foot of the bed.


Full: If your bed is on the side of the room, you will have your 5×7 rug vertical, either covering all 4
legs or 1-2 legs to offer more style to the room.


Twin: When your bed is against the wall and you need a smaller rug, choose a 3×4 or 5ft round area rug to accent the room.


Double Twin: The 9×12 area rug is perfect for two twin beds. With enough coverage on each side, you will always have a warm, soft landing.


Queen: A 7×10 is the best sized area rug when fitting a queen bed. Make sure to leave 1/3 of the rug extending beyond the bed, so the rug comes out farther, giving the room a larger feel.


King: With this size, you will need a large rug to aesthetically fit the room and its furniture. The 9×12 will fit perfectly and offer ample coverage on both sides.


For small indoor/outdoor patios, a 3×5 scatter rug is the perfect size to anchor your patio table and add style to your decor.


Bigger patios offer more room to hosts guests. Here a 5×8 indoor/outdoor rug will cover patio floors and frame your furniture properly


Need to bring an old patio back to life? A large 8×11 area rug will allow you to do that with ease. This indoor/outdoor area rug should cover most of the space you need to while easily upgrading your decor.

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